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Curious about this system? Intrigued at its strange yet fascinating look and feel? Already convinced you want a reading and looking for the right analyst?
Looking specifically for me?
However you got here, I welcome and invite you to check out my offerings and connect more directly to see if I’m the one you’ll feel right working with.

What is
Human Design

Human Design is unlike anything you’ve encountered before. It is an empiric and logical system entirely based on direct experimentation. It requires no beliefs, spiritual practices, gurus, or life coaches. It is not some New Age mumbo jumbo. You can test it, challenge it, learn it, and ultimately discover it for yourself in your own way. And that’s because your way is the only way for you. 

Your Human Design chart is a portrait of you and only you. No two charts are alike and no generalization can be made. Receiving a reading is no more no less than receiving a high definition map and a fail- proof compass for your unique blueprint, along with tips and tricks on how you can best navigate this world as yourself and not as a version others would want you to be.

what you can do
with human design

Improve your life
quality NOW

You can start using the information about your Human Design chart right away. No courses, coaching, further learning necessary.

Learn how to
make Correct
decisions for YOU

Learning about your design shows you what is the healthiest way for you to make correct decisions for yourself.


Functioning correctly as yourself deeply impacts and improves the way you relate with others. Much suffering can be avoided through this simple adjustment.

Find your PURPOSE
without chasing it

Being your true self frees you of false ideals and the pressure to chase versions of yourself that are not real.

about me

I have been immersed in Human Design and actively studying it for 13 years now, as it is both my passion and my full-time work by choice. I received all my certifications from the IHDS (International Human Design School) which is the only official and recognized certifying body for analysts and teachers of this system. 

While the options are vast, working with an analyst is a matter of resonance, so if you find yourself connecting with me, know that I am honored and grateful to assist you and your loved ones in this marvelous journey of self discovery. 

Living Your Design Guide 
(Basic Training Certification)

Analyst Qualifications:
Individual Rave Analysis, Partnership Analysis
Life Cycle Analysis, Incarnation Cross Analysis,

Additional Qualifications:
Child Development Analyst, Family Practice Specialist

Readings , sessions & courses
we can do together

Foundation Reading

This is the starting point in your Human Design journey. The foundation reading reveals your individual chart and the best way for you to function as yourself. It is also necessary for any other reading or course.

Life Cycle Reading

Planetary transits influence us immensely. These "weather forecasts" help you know how to prepare for the year to come or the next cycle of your life. Learn how to gear up for challenges and opportunities coming your way.

Incarnation Cross Reading

This is a reading you receive 3.5 years into your experiment. It reveals your unique direction in life and helps you understand how to move towards it naturally and correctly.

Personal Support Sessions

As you discover your design there can be questions that come up or you might want to look at a certain aspects of your chart in more depth and detail. I'm here to support you!

Partnership Reading

Once you know how your are designed it can be extremely helpful to understand how you can remain yourself in any type of relationship. A partnership reading is incredibly valuable for both beings, be they lovers, friends, family, or business partners.

Child Development Reading

Human Design is at its most useful in assisting parents to understand how their children can be supported to develop naturally and correctly in accordance to their unique design.

Family Analysis Reading

Family dynamics are by far the most challenging human interactions. This reading reveals how each family unit is likely to function based on each person's role.

Living Your Design Course

If you are ready to discover more about Human Design itself, or you want to become an analyst, this is the first of the 3 Foundation Courses that begins the learning journey in this powerful system.

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